Behind Food Sustainability

From September 13 at the Biodiversity Garden

The exhibition Behind Food Sustainability seeks to encourage visitors to explore the relationship between territories, food and communities and their natural and cultural diversity, asking how this relationship affects the planet's ability to produce and consume food sustainably.

It includes five main thematic areas, each focusiong on a particular sustainability challenge: managing water, looking after the land; balancing the food economy, protecting diversity, fostering partecipation.

Each of these themes is illustrated through examples from UNESCO's network - World Heritage sites, Biosphere Reserves and Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage - which can yeld valuable lessons for the future.

Conceived in the context of EXPO 2015, the exhibition is open to the public from September 13 to October 10, 2015.

Venue: Biodiversity Garden at the Botanical Garden - via Orto botanico - Padova

The ticket to the Botanical Garden will allow access to the exhibition during normal opening times.