Botanic Gardens Conservation International

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International represents over 700 members - in 118 countries – among which is the Botanical Garden of the University of Padova.

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International it is an international organization that exists to ensure the world-wide conservation of endangered plants, the continued existence of which is linked to global issues including poverty, human well-being and climate change .

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International aims to support its members and the conservation community so that their expertise can be applied to reduce the threat of extinction, which involves one third of all plants. To do this it supports the development and implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) at a global, regional, national, and local level.

The activities concern: 

  • Preservation of plants threatened with extinction
  • Use of plants that provide essential resources for the mankind (food, medicines, clothing and raw materials)
  • Promotion of biodiversity as the basis of human well-being, by linking preservation and development
  • Study of the relationship between plants and climate change
  • Influence on decision-making processes
  • Education to sustainable lifestyles

European Botanic Gardens Consortium

The Consortium gathers the representatives of national associations of botanical gardens: it organizes regular Congresses and promotes international initiatives such as the IPEN- International Plant Exchange Network.

The Consortium has developed and published an Action Plan for the EU botanical gardens, which is an important contribution to significant initiatives such as the Biodiversity Strategy, the European Plant Conservation Strategy and the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation.