Through the places of Science in Padua

An integrated ticket to visit both the Botanical Garden and the new Museum of Nature and Humankind

The opening of the Museum of Nature and Humankind, last 23 June, further enhanced the museum route that showcases in Padua the origins of modern science.

The new Museum, a merger of four historical collections of the University of Padua (Mineralogy, Geology & Paleontology, Zoology and Anthropology) is a narration of planet Earth as an evolving system, using multimedia and interactive methods for the ultimate learning experience. A place for participation and scientific citizenship offered to the city and the tourists by the University of Padua to round off the celebrations marking 800 years since its foundation, a scientific museum-centric ecosystem that includes the Palazzo del Bo, the Botanical Garden and the various university museums, giving Padua a unique identity in Europe.

To facilitate the visit to the whole route, an integrated ticket Museum of Nature and Humankind + Botanical Garden (16 euros single, 40 euros for a family group consisting of 2 adults and a maximum of 3 children under 18) is available. Moreover, guided tours of Palazzo del Bo can be joined at a reduced rate (8 euros) by presenting the admission ticket to one of these two important stages of the route. The integrated ticket is also available in a GIFT version: a useful and original gift for curious people who wish to learn more about the complex relationship between humans and nature.

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