Welcome summer

Science, art and games at the Padua Botanical Garden in a big festive weekend

A big celebration of science, botany and summer at the Padua Botanical Garden on the weekend of 13 and 14 June. More than 400 people took part in the many activities organised to explore the relations between the summer season, plants and terrestrial biomes.

Five botanical summer shows / conferences were held in the wonderful setting of the Centro Servizi ‘orange’ room, presented by ADMaiora of Milan, in which the nutritional and botanical properties of the vegetal species that colour our tables in summer were explored with experiments, activities and games.

The story of Camellia, the character created by Nicoletta Bertelle in stories for the Garden’s children, was played, painted and told in the Garden of Biodiversity glasshouses (Camellia and the Garden of Wonders, Marsilio, 2015). Four acrylic and watercolour painting workshops were also held, a pleasing preview of the Botanical Painting Course that will be held every Saturday from the end of September to the end of October 2015, right inside the wonderful Garden (for information and bookings, tel: 3404125459).

The highly entertaining family game Garden in the Family was held in the temperate glasshouse in two versions: Plants at the Bottom of the Sea and Edelweiss and Other Wonders.

The scientific entertainment also included the constant activity over the two days of the Mountain Vegetables and Plants among the Sands workshop-desks, two positions with microscopes and other equipment for observing mosses, lichens, ferns, berries and other treasures.

An entertaining and intriguing preview of summer, with an eye on cultural and scientific enrichment, which was highly appreciated by the participating families. In October, every Wednesday morning, there is an appointment for mothers, fathers and babies in prams with the planned Mamme Caffé cycle at the Garden.