Unipd Store, the University of Padua Store, has a corner at the Botanical Garden. The selection includes publications on the Botanical Garden, catalogues and children’s books, as well as gadgets, wooden handicrafts and clothing branded with the Botanical Garden and the University of Padua.

The store follows the same opening times of the Garden.

Members who held a valid annual subscription, can have a 5% discount on books, 10% on other items.


Textile. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, hats and aprons - in white, green and grey inspired to the historical plan of the Old Garden - with the logo of the Garden stitched or with bright colours and geometrical forms of the new graphic style.

Bags. In fabric and paper, made from natural and sustainable materials. Clutch bags, shoppers and single shoulder bags, made of organic cotton, are available in different styles and sizes, perfect for big and small everyday adventures.

Gadgets. Round and rectangular magnets, inspired by the Botanical Museum's 19th-century plates or decorated with the Garden's fascinating new geometries. Black background pencils with vintage illustrations of banana, coffee and vanilla, as well as the geometric shapes of the Garden. And more mugs, umbrellas, erasers, lanyards. Lots of small and big ideas, perfect for gifts.

Stationery. The Garden notebooks, postcards and bookmarks portray the many souls of the Garden: the charm, history, science and future of the Garden. They are elegant in their eighteenth century illustrations on a black background, coloured and geometric, with the subjects of Goethe's Palm and the Garden's historical plans. The notebooks, postcards and bookmarks tell the story of the Garden's many souls: its charm, history, science and future. All stationery products are printed on natural paper by Favini.