Closing of the Biodiversity Garden greenhouses

From 18 July the greenhouses are closed to the public

The University of Padua, in relation to the heat wave that hit Italy and discourages the visit to the Biodiversity greenhouses due to high temperature, has made the decision to bring forward the extraordinary maintenance and restyling works of the Biodiversity Garden greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. Therefore, from Tuesday 18 July the greenhouses are closed to the public. The maintenance works consist of interventions, exploratory analysis of systems and frames, renewal of the botanical collections and general restyling of the whole area.

You can visit he Renaissance spaces of the hortus cinctus, the majestic arboretum, the 19th-century greenhouses and the new Botanical Museum, with its herbaria, the dispensary, and the collections of mushrooms, seeds, woods, wall charts for teaching purpose. A selection of precious volumes from the new “Vincenzo Pinali and Giovanni Marsili Historic Library of Medicine and Botany” are also on display, illustrating the century-old interweaving of knowledge between Botany and Medicine. In the recently restored Botanical Theater you can watch the film Goethe. The life of leaves, written and directed by Denis Brotto, focused on the figure of the great German artist.

Furthermore, the exhibition Alberi! 30+1 fragments of Italian history with illustrations by Guido Scarabottolo and some narratives of Annalisa Metta, Giovanni Morelli and Daniele Zovi, continues until January.

Information on tickets and subscriptions is available on the dedicated page.