Grand Tour of the Sciences

A new special ticket to discover eight prestigious cultural sites of the University of Padua

On its 800th anniversary (1222-2022), the University of Padua offers to the public the Grand Tour of the Sciences, an eight-stage itinerary across its most prestigious cultural sites.

A single ticket gives the opportunity to visit the Botanical Garden, Villa Parco Bolasco in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) and Palazzo Bo (by reservation only - guided tour included). The price of the ticket helps to fund the special programme of free weekend access to the Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art, the Hall of the Giants and Palazzo Liviano, the first Geography Museum in Italy, the “Giovanni Poleni” Museum of Physics history and the “Enrico Bernardi” Museum of Machines, housing the first Italian motor car.

The Grand Tour ticket can be purchased by 18th June and it grants admission to Villa Parco Bolasco during 2023 seasonal opening, to the Botanical Garden and to all the other sites by 18th June.

The Grand Tour ticket can be purchased either at the ticket offices of the Botanical Garden, of Palazzo Bo and of Villa Parco Bolasco, or online at Two types of ticket available: single ticket (20 euros) and family ticket (35 euros - two adults and up to three children under 18).

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