ICE CONCERT at Teatro Verdi

N ice concert that resonates the sounds of climate change and freedom, Friday 9 December, at 9 pm

An original concert played on musical instruments made of ice with sounds resonating the calls of climate change and freedom, Friday 9 December, at 9 pm.

These delicate ice instruments act a building material with a life of its own played upon a magical enchantment of beauty. Giovanni Sollima performs the music of N-Ice Cello within a refrigerated enclosure set at -8 °C, while La Piccola Orchestra Lumière performs the orchestral part outdoors.

Followed by the Concerto Bizantino for Cello and Orchestra composed by Nicola Segatta and Giovanni Sollima on cello. The Ice Concert plays homage to the Mediterranean Sea and the biodiversity of culture as music becomes a bridge between the East and the West. Maestro Andrea Aste conducts the La Piccola Orchestra Lumière. The Ice Concert links the concept of freedom, a freedom that the University of Padua has placed at the center of its 800th anniversary celebrations, with the ice instruments of Giovanni Sollima (ice-cello), Nicola Segatta (ice-cello) and Corrado Bungaro (ice-violin), with audience-suggested improvisational pieces.

The 9 December concert takes place in the presence of the American ice sculptor Tim Linhart, who will also join us on December 10 at the Botanical Garden for Meet the Ice Artists.

Please note that to maintain the integrity of the instruments it is necessary to keep the room temperature at 17/18 °C - the audience should be prepared to sit at such temperatures.


Produced by the University of Padua,this is one of three moments of “Ice Concert“, an event organized by the Botanical Garden along with the cultural association Il Vagabondo, in collaboration with Wasabi filmmakers and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The events are made possible thanks to Alì spa as technical sponsor, as part of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua.

Photo © Pino Ninfa