L'occhio in gioco at the Botanical Garden

Three installations by Edoardo Landi from the international exhibition that combines art and psychology of perception

From 26th September to 8th January the lawn facing the Biodiversity Garden greenhouses houses three installations (a Cinevisual Square and two Virtual Hypercubes) from the L'occhio in gioco. Percezione, impressioni e illusioni nell’arte exhibition.

Fondazione Cariparo and the University of Padua present an innovative exhibition that combines two dimensions, art and psychology of perception, and can be considered as one of the main events celebrating the University's 800th anniversary. Over 400 exhibits (works of art, scientific instruments, photographs, books, and design objects) are on display in the main site, Palazzo del Monte di Pietà. The Botanical Garden and Palazzo del Bo also houses some installations, emphasising the widespread museum embodied by the city of Padua.

Quadrato cinevisuale

After the experience of Gruppo N, Edoardo Landi (San Felice sul Panaro, 1937) conceived the first model of Quadrato Cinevisuale in 1968. The black line painted inside the structure can be seen through a cut in the surface, so that the optical illusion of a shifting small black square is generated when the observer moves. For the first time, the work is carried out on an environmental scale.

Ipercubi virtuali

Designed in 1973, Edoardo Landi’s Ipercubi virtuali are both made up of three square panels with a 1.80 m height. The black and white version provides for the repetition of the same sign, while the colour version replicates the same image on the three surfaces, made explicit through the use of two primary colours and a secondary one. The simplicity of the means makes even more surprising the optical illusion of a cube which is inside the structure and deforms according to the movement of the observer.