Myths and legends

A themed guided tour to discover ancient and fantastic stories inspired by the plant kingdom

Humanity has always been deeply connected with nature, particularly with the plant kingdom. Trees live long and can survive to catastrophes; plants can heal...but also hurt, even kill us.

On Wednesday 10th August Padua Botanical Garden offers you a guided tour at sunset: surrounded by refreshing greenery, you will listen to ancient and fantastic stories inspired by the plant kingdom, exploring the fine line between myth and reality.

You can buy your ticket online (5 euros) or at the Ticket Office (open from Tuesday to Sunday and on holidays, 10am-6.15pm). Limited places available.

There are four time slots available:

  • 8pm (Italian) - SOLD-OUT
  • 8.15pm (Italian) - SOLD-OUT
  • 8.30pm (Italian) - SOLD-OUT
  • 8.30pm (English) - SOLD-OUT

The event will take place outdoors. In case of adverse weather conditions it will be postponed to Thursday 11th August.