Padova Città della Scienza

The new integrated ticket of the University of Padua

Since the 16th century Padua has preserved, in addition to the first university Botanical Garden, the first permanent anatomical theatre: the city where Galileo made discoveries during 'the eighteen finest years of his life' may be considered the cradle of modern science. Today it is still possible to visit the places where the scientific method has found expression in the direct study of plants for botany and in the human body for medicine. Rich university collections, gathered over the centuries, also allow us to find out more about fascinating aspects of Nature acting as a bridge between the past and the present: climate change and biodiversity, ancient civilizations and impact on human activieties on the Planet, species from million years ago in dialogue with the 3,500 still living plant species in the Old Garden and the Biodiversity Garden.

As of November 2023 this scientific journey is made possible by the Padua City of Science integrated ticket, which includes the visit to the Botanical Garden, Palazzo del Bo and the new Museum of Nature and Humankind, also granting access to the university museums participating in the Domenica al museo initiative until 31st January 2024. The visit to Palazzo del Bo is available during weekends and holidays within the Palazzo del Bo and Gio Ponti's 20th century tour, to be joined autonomously through a multilingual QR code audio guide.

The Padua City of Science (individual or family) ticket is valid for six months from the date of issue and can also be purchased in a "two sites" version, allowing you to decide which of the three sites to visit (the Botanical Garden is closed from 8th January to 8th February 2024).  

The integrated ticket, both individual and family, is also available in a GIFT version: a useful and original gift for curious people who wish to learn more about the complex relationship between humans and nature.


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