Botanicals Tour. From plants to drinks

A themed guided tour to discover the most popular plants used for making your favourite alcoholic drinks

Padua Botanical Garden was established in 1545 to help students learn the uses of medicinal plants, but over the centuries it has hosted plants of all kinds, coming from all corners of the world.

On Wednesday 3rd August at 6.30pm a special guided tour (offered in Italian and in English) will let you discover a very special type of plants, that is plants used for the production of alcoholic beverages.

At the end of the tour we will have the opportunity to taste some cocktails made from botanicals: thanks to the collaboration with the historic Venetian distillery Luxardo, which has recently celebrated its 200th anniversary, we will go through the main production processes that lead from plants to our drinks.

You can buy your ticket (10 euros) online or at the Ticket Office (open from Tuesday to Sunday and on holidays, 10am-6.15pm). Limited places available.

The event will take place outdoors. In case of adverse weather conditions it will be postponed to Thursday 4th August.