A docufilm, an original concert, the artist who created the ice-music

An original concert with Giovanni Sollima and Nicola Segatta, featuring music played on delicate instruments made of ice (see photo by Pino Ninfa) accompanied by La Piccola Orchestra Lumière. A meeting with the artists Tim Linhart and Corrado Bungaro. A documentary film screening of N-ICE CELLO – A Tale of the Ice Cello’s journey across Italy. Welcoming to Padua the creators of the ice instruments, the director-musician, as those who play them against the winter backdrop of Padua Botanical Garden. An opportunity to reflect on the preciousness of ice, water, climate change, and the music that remind us of the Mediterranean and the cultures that surround it. Where Ice and Music reverberate the sounds of migration and our planet.
Botanical Garden and Teatro Verdi events from 7 to 10 December:

N-ICE CELLO. The Tale of the Ice Cello/ docufilm by Corrado Bungaro

Botanical Garden Auditorium, Wednesday 7 December, at 9 pm Admission is free. Advance booking required


with Giovanni Sollima, ice cello

Nicola Segatta, ice cello

Corrado Bungaro, ice violin

and La Piccola Orchestra Lumière

Directed by Andrea Aste

Teatro Verdi, Friday 9 December, at 9 pm

The Teatro Verdi Box Office: full price 20 euro – reduced price 10 euro (for under 26) 


Botanical Garden, Saturday 10 December

Sala colonne, from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm, view ice instruments – free admission

Auditorium, at 5:30, Meet Tim Linhart and Corrado Bungaro – free admission. Advance booking required

Produced by the University of Padua, the three events were developed by the Botanical Garden along with the cultural association Il Vagabondo, in collaboration with Wasabi filmmakers and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The events are made possible thanks to Alì spa as technical sponsor, as part of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua.

Photo © Pino Ninfa